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Mourning and Night

During the Victorian era (mid-1800s to early 1900s), mourning and funerary practices were in the norm. Death was not something that the Victorians shied away from. It was not celebrated, but carefully observed through a number of remembrance practices. It is believed that Queen Victoria herself made mourning "fashionable". After Prince Albert died, Queen Victoria wore black unto her own death, and never stopped mourning the death of her beloved Albert.

Victorians has many methods of mourning. Lachrymatory bottles were used to capture the tears of the mourner, and dictate how long the mourning period should last. Hair art and jewellery were crafted from the hair of the deceased (as hair lasts forever). Brooches with photographs of the loved ones were worn. Post mortem photographs were taken, immortalizing the dead on paper. A fossil mineral called Jet was coveted for its glassy blackness, and was used to carve figures and cameos, as well as create mourning jewellery.

In my many searches, I happen across examples of mourning jewellery. I am overly fascinated with the mortuary and mourning practices of the Victorians, and hope that the past respect for lost ones will return. The jewellery and items crafted for the purposes of mourning and remembering loved ones who have passed away were well made and absolutely beautiful. The following are a few examples.

Beckoning Beefy Gems
The Hidden Chamber
A Dose of Alchemy
Mercury's Moon

Beautiful... I love how honest it is. How respectful, how loving. Along with being mummified, this is what I would want to leave behind in the world. Carefully considered heirlooms to be worn and remembered.


  1. What a GREAT post! Thank you for the honor of being included in this wonderful collection. Even the title of your piece makes me swoon!

  2. Such a wonderful article on Victorian mourning! I love the sentimental nature of this period of jewelry. Thank you so much for including me in this collection. Beautiful!

    xx Laura