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Kodak Discovery

This afternoon I've been packing up my bedroom. During this time, I happened to pick up my 1898 Kodak folding pocket camera (j'adore), and noticed that the viewfinder still works. It uses mirrors and a lense to create an image of what you're seeing (and what you'll be taking a photo of). The image is still flipped, but only horizontally. Upon learning this, I took to the streets (by which, I mean my front step), and took some photos of the image created.
Red Car

Driveway/Parking lot

Self portrait (upside down)
It thrills me that there's a potential possibility to use this somehow. Along with the fact that if I make the camera light-tight and create a pinhole to go behind the original lens, I could use it as a pinhole camera. Quite fitting or the projects I have in mind....

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