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It's always strange to become infatuated with individuals in photographs. Especially when they are photographs of people who would have died decades (if not a century) ago. I found this photograph while searching '19th century man' on Google images. I have no idea who he is or what his story was, but I love this photograph. And his eyes? Oh, his eyes.

I'm always fascinated in the mysteries and the unknown stories hidden in these old photographs. Especially the ones which hold the image of an individual who has become a ghost in the memories of the world. Who are they? Why did they have that type of dog? Why are they posing on a horse which is obviously fake? So on, so on...

With this young gentleman, in his lovely suit with pale tie, well-groomed beard and carefully smoothed hair... I find myself most enamoured by his eyes... And most curious with the question 'Why is there all of that empty space above his head?'

Photo credit: The New Found Photography

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