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Artist of the Day

In my practice, I am primarily a fibre and textiles artist. I'm quite fond of textiles, mostly because of the time and work that goes into creating something so beautiful. It doesn't hurt that I'm a very tactile person, and enjoy touching things that look like they have amazing textures. Fibre is great because general people are okay with you stroking and enjoying the fabric and wonderful details.

This evening, I watched the majority of an episode of Craft In America on PBS. The episode was about weaving and quilting (both of which are crafts I enjoy very much). One artist caught my ears and eyes.

Portrait of a Textile Worker

This piece is a quilt made by artist Terese Agnew. It is made entirely out of fabric labels from inside articles of clothing. Hundreds upon thousands of cloth tags, sewn together into a massive quilt. It took Agnew approximately three years to make. All of her quilts take a hugely extensive amount of time to make, and always try to push a message to change a way of thought, or cause new thought. I like it.


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