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Not too long ago, I made an impulse buy on Etsy. It was a virtual pounce, and an almost immediate purchase. What was it? CATSEYE GLASSES!! (*capital letters may or may not be necessary. We can pretend).
Carol's Dream Boutique
For a while, I've been humming and ha-ing over the catseye glasses on Clearly Contacts. I keep deciding against it, as I haven't had an eye appointment in ages, and I should really have a prescription before purchasing glasses that I'll be using. Inexpensive glasses does not mean that I should arbitrarily buy glasses, when I'm just guessing on the strength of lenses and everything. That can potentially be a waste of money.

While I was on Etsy looking at rockabilly things and all kinds of fun items, I found these amazing clear sunglasses. I like clear sunglasses because it looks like you're just wearing glasses, but they have 100% UV protection. I bought these from Carol's Dream Boutique, and I couldn't be more thrilled. Since I got them in the post, I haven't really taken them off. The semi-ironic thing is, I do need glasses, but these do nothing for eye correction, so I still have to wear my contacts. Which I'm okay with. I'd rather be able to take off glasses whenever I want, but still be able to see and distinguish people.

1950s business men would kill to have me make them a Martini. Just saying.

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