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How To Defeat Boredom and Other Delicious Treats

I can't stress enough how happy I am to be indoors.
Today, it decided to snow. Being Canada, it can usually be predicted that it will inevitably snow somewhere between April and July (y'know, those months when it's supposed to be getting sunny and warm). Due to the fact the ground is still relatively warm, the snow simply melts, turning the outside world into a delightful soggy mess. Especially gravel and dirt roads. Yum.

Due to being "stuck" (I could go outside... I just don't want to), I started feeling quite bored. This led to some shopping on Etsy, arbitrary browsing, and eventually I decided to make cookies. 

Delicious. Nom nom nom.
Since we've been living camping style in our guest house, we are without the majority of our cookbooks. This means that any baking I do has to be through recipes on the internet. Not an issue, but it tends to be a bit of a hit or miss. Usually a hit... especially if there are reviews. Along with not having cook books, we don't have all of the same ingredients that we normally do. If we do, I'm having trouble finding them. The result? Least adventurous recipe I could have possibly attempted. Chocolate chip cookies!

Now, I am without the time consuming task of baking delicious chocolate chip cookies (which do not have many chocolate chips in them on purpose), which means that I'll have to find something else to do. This means... another Etsy adventure! And tea, I think.

And a picture of one of our dogs. Always a picture of a dog.
Due to the fact that I've been sleeping with a fox pelt every night (super warmth and cuddliness. I love my Talbot), I decided to do my theme on foxes (yet again!). I'm pretty sure that this is my second or third fox themed Etsy collection. It's mostly because they are my favourite animal, I'm absolutely enamoured with them, and if I could completely surround myself with adorable fox things I would. Also, I have seen at least three foxes in the past week (I love living in the prairie!).

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