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Once again, steam-powering up my life. Ish. Today's activity, after going outside and fixing some fences, was making a pair of goggles. I didn't really plan any of it out, except for the lenses, which I already knew would fit the end of some brass pieces that I had. The goggles ended up being asymmetrical, with lots of decorative brass pieces, including dangling chain.
The materials included: Deer hide, cut brass, brass chain, brass jump rings, brass wire,  blue plastic lenses, black elastic.

I'm not really sure what I was going for in terms of the aesthetic qualities. Right now it strikes me as kind of courtesan type thing, at least with the dangling chain. There are a few flaws in the eye pieces, just based on trial and error (and the lenses getting really dirty), but for wearing they are quite good. I am pleased!

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