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I've been leery of Facebook for a while, but for simplicity sake, I continue to use it. As a tool, it is very useful and valuable, but for a while it has become increasingly... uncertain? At least I have become of Facebook. One thing that I need to improve is following news, and being entirely aware of the world around me. I have too much of habit of creating my own niche world, which is relatively closed to outside influences. Of course, I am influenced by different things, but they are usually events and people and things that existed decades ago... Not up to date news.

With Facebook become publicly traded, it makes me nervous. This mostly sprouts from minor paranoia to begin with, and a desperate need for privacy. The idea of people "following" me or "tagging" me or "liking" things I post... it kind of freaks me out. And the idea of all of my life being available to the world... Ughh.... not sure.

"But...You post about your life regularly, and seem to be fine with it. In fact, you're posting about your life right now" is what you, as the reader, are probably thinking. Personally, I'm more comfortable with exposing aspects of my life on a global scale when I'm fully aware that everything can be accessed by anyone. The same goes for my personal websites, Etsy, and even Pinterest. With such sites, I understand that the point is to create a community with random strangers, and have random strangers like my things, share what I'm doing, and so on. Even having a page on Facebook for people to 'Like' is more clearly understood. 

When did privacy become so complicated? It's kind of like the party lines of the early days of the telephone. Someone could pick up that phone at any time and hear your conversation... You just hoped desperately that they wouldn't.

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