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Graphic Study

One of my goals for the summer is to write at least one part of a graphic novel. The idea is to write something steampunk/smokepunk related. Being me, I will have to invest a lot of research time, but so far I'm just sketching ideas for characters, and seeing who I like. I decided to share a short comic study that I did. I got the idea while driving home in the rain, and passing the nearby cemetery. The rain made me think of mud, and the mud made me think of people reaching up and grabbing passerbys... Not my opinion of graveyards, yet that's what I thought of.

 Click for larger image. If need be, open in a new window. It's a really rough job. Personally, I think I need to get better at continuity in faces and everything in general. Though I'm relatively pleased with my line work in the second page.

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