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Baking With Grimm

The title of this blog is kind of a misnomer, but I really couldn't think of a better name, so we are stuck with it (unless someone wants to offer a better name, but that's not really worth it).

Today is May 13th and is Mother's Day. I feel rather grown up, because I gave my own mother some lovely flowers. I am also making/cooking supper. Part of that is dessert. The request was strawberries and ice cream, with good n' fudgey pie.

Since I've been wanting to for a while, I decided to document the baking of (HA. There's the pun we've been waiting for... Kind of). 

Step 1: Learn that there isn't enough soft butter, so you have to use frozen. Soft problem by dicing 1/2 cup of frozen butter with a large knife, and put into metal bowl. Put into oven so that it can melt while oven heats up (325 degrees Fahrenheit).

Step 2: While your frozen butter is melting, gather your other ingredients. 1 cup of sugar, 1/2 cup of flour, 4 tablespoons of cocoa powder, 2 eggs, 1 teaspoon vanilla, and one pinch of salt.

Oven should be heated up and butter fully melted in 10 minutes. I put mine in at 11 o'clock sharp (kind of happened that way). It is now 11:10 AM. Featured here with a lovely distorted mirror image of my kitchen.

Step 3: Pour sugar into bowl with melted butter. Mix until completely blended.

Step 4: Add eggs. Your eggs may not be this glorious shade of yellow. The eggs we get are from a neighbour, and his a free range and super happy farm chickens. Therefore... Everything is a pretty yellow! Mix the eggs fully into the sugar/butter, until fully blended.

Step 5: Add all other ingredients. I used more than a pinch of salt (oops), but it's okay. I think it might actually ask for 1/4 teaspoon. Or I'm thinking of something else. Whatevah.... Um.
Mix until completely combined together.

Step 6: It should look something like this. A delicious chocolate-y batter. Make sure all sides are scraped and everything is mixed. In an ideal world, you should beat it with one of those fancy mechanical egg beater things. Ours doesn't work, and the only other option is an old school crankhandle egg beater, which tends to jam and then explodes everywhere. I decided to skip it, since I didn't want to get chocolate everywhere.

Step 7: Grease a small pie pan (approximately 8-12" diameter), and pour in all batter. Smooth it a bit (not necessary, because it will settle in the oven. I just happen to like smoothing out cake and brownie batter).

Step 8: Put pie pan into the oven (which is now conveniently at the temperature you needed), and set timer for 30 minutes. In all of the dozens and dozens of times that I've made this, it has never been happy at less than 30 minutes, and apparently it's the magic time.

Once it is finished baking, let cool and enjoy! It will not taste like a pie. It's more of a brownie thing (a.k.a. purely delicious goodness which will vanish in no more than 48 hours).

Right now mine is in the oven (real time documentation!), so I will *hopefully* photograph the finished dessert this evening! Until then... Enjoy!
(p.s. I realize that I didn't give the actual recipe. If you really want it, comment below and I will hook you up. I'm kind of secretive about my recipes, so I don't give them out unless someone specifically asks. This is the closest I've ever come to giving someone a recipe. It's just... a bit less concise.)


  1. And the pun is...? Did I miss something?

  2. "document the baking of" instead of 'the making of'.
    Like most of my puns, it's not a good one.